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The use of thermal imaging, or thermography, can be applied in many ways.  For the purposes of an energy audit, the thermal camera is used on the building being tested, both from the outside and from the inside, to determine thermal properties.  While infrared does not allow for “looking inside” walls, the information it provides can lead to an understanding of what is behind or in a wall.  Distinctive thermal traces are left by air leaking into a building, while a different trace will be left if part of the structure is uninsulated/under insulated.  In addition, water damage and water leaks can also leave distinctive thermal patterns that can be detected, even if there is no visible damage present.

Thermal imaging is also used in many other fields.  In the industrial setting, it can be used to help determine preventive maintenance schedules for equipment, or evaluate a piece of equipment that is  not performing correctly.  For use with electrical equipment and switchgear, thermography can easily and quickly determine equipment that is overheating and may need to be inspected or replaced.

Kinightic Corporation provides consulting services on a wide range of thermography applications.  Please contact us today if you would like to learn more about the thermography services we can provide, and how we can tailor them to your needs.

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